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stephania erecta is a deciduous vining caudiciform native to the mountains of Thailand, where the bulbs grow completely buried and go dormant during the yearly dry season.  Stephania erecta’s caudex looks a lot like a potato, and when grown as a houseplant, it is best displayed planted about halfway into well-draining soil. The Plant pictured is the one you will receive. This plant will be shipped bare root. stephania erecta for sale

The main attraction of this rare plant happens when this plant comes out of dormancy and produces a stunning flush of bright green parasol-shaped leaves along creeping vines. The peltate leaves remind us of pennywort and nasturtium, and combined with the caudex, the whole plant seems otherworldly. The vines of this plant look beautiful cascading from a bright shelf or trained around a trellis. We’re selling this plant as a dormant caudex to protect the tender vines. stephania erecta for sale


The sizing is based off the weight of the caudex, but here are the most common measurements for the categories:

Small: Caudex ~1”-2” wide. Ready for planting in a 3”-4” pot
Medium: Caudex ~2”-3” wide. Ready for planting in a 4”-5” pot
Large: Caudex ~3”-4.5” wide. Ready for planting in a 4”-6” pot
JUMBO (not pictured): Caudex ~3.5″-5” wide. Ready for planting in a 6″ pot


• Plant caudex in exceedingly well-draining soil (at least 50% perlite, vermiculite and/or pumice) with the top half of the caudex exposed. We have marked the bottoms of our bulbs with a small “X”.
• During active growth, water when soil is fully dry. Stephania erecta is typically dormant from December to April. During dormancy, refrain from watering.
• Stephania erecta needs bright indirect light, adequate humidity, and warmth to grow a mature vine. Use a cloche or unsealed plastic bag to make a humid microclimate that will help initiate growth.

• This plant is extremely sensitive to over-watering. Always err on the side of under-watering. Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves and caudex. stephania erecta for sale

DISCLAIMER: We do our best to ship the plant as pictured. Sometimes the leaves, flowers, or branches will fall off or break off on the way to your destination through no fault on our part. Please message us about handling (for example: more cushioning, clipping the leaves, branches, stalk, flowers etc.) so that the specimen will be intact when it arrives to your destination.

We take extra care to pack your items well. We grow everything under 50% Shade, if your growing condition is full sun, you will need to slowly acclimate the plants into your growing environment.


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