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pachypodium ambongense, Apocynaceae (dogbane family) pachypodium ambongense for sale

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Lost Pachypodium, elephant’s trunk.  Madagascar: songosongo or betano.

 Characteristics of  pachypodium ambongense

Endemicity.  Endemic to Madagascar, it has a very localized habitat in the area of the river Ambonho (Ambongo) on the tsingy at Namoroka Reserve about 200 km north of Bemaraha in the Province of Mahajanga.

Additionally, It grows in open deciduous, hot, dry forests in crevices filled with black humus on inselberg and limestone rock faces (Anonymous 2018). pachypodium ambongense for sale

Growth Habit. Further more, A shrub reaching a maximum height of about 2m (6 feet).  The trunk and branches have hard, sharp thorns with a snakeskin-like bark.
Habit: Shrub 1-2 m high (but usually do not exceed 1 metre) sparingly and erratically branched from just below each terminal inflorescence.
Related species: For instance, It is regarded as related to Pachypodium geayi.
Trunk: 1-1.5 m, flask-shaped, laterally compressed, 10-40 cm in diameter, bark grey-green, smooth or with leaf scars, Branches short, 718 cm in diameter.

Additionally, A genus of spine bearing shrubs and trees, primarily caudiciform, carrying about two  dozen varieties or subspecies.

Further more, They are succulent members of the periwinkle family Apocynaceae which has recently been lumped into the milkweed family Asclepiadaceae.

More so, Ambongense is one of the most attractive in the genus with erratic, free forming branches at the apex of the nicely tapered caudex. It has a similar gro`wth pattern as P. baronii and P. decaryi but with longer, more numerous spines. Its distinct flowers are white with a yellow throat.

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