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A deciduous climbing vine, Dioscorea elephantipes is grown as much for the large woody caudex as it is for the foliage. dioscorea elephantipes for sale

Being summer deciduous this is a drought tolerant plant that actually requires a dry summer. The growth period is from late summer through winter into spring.

Care of dioscorea elephantipes

Further more, this is a plant that requires a hot dry summer to grow well it also needs protection from frosts and freezes.

Drainage and watering are the key to growing Dioscorea elephantipes successfully.

  • Plant in  a container using a specialist cactus and succulent potting mix with 20 – 20 pumice mixed through to ensure good drainage.
  • Also, allowed the soil to dry between waterings and it is the soil around the woody caudex that is watered, not the caudex itself.
  • Also, Fertilise during active growth periods with a 25% strength solution of a liquid fertiliser, seaweed and fish emulsion is ideal.
  • As the old foliage dies back you can prune it right down to the caudex itself.
  • Provide support the long stems that appear from the caudex in late summer.
  • Also,as the caudex gets larger you will need to repot. Also, make sure that you use a pot that is just a little larger than the caudex itself, around 1/3 the diameter of the caudex larger is ideal. dioscorea elephantipes for sale

Dioscorea elephantipes Propagation

Usually from seed which are sown into seed trays and covered with a free draining potting mix.

Dioscorea elephantipes Foliage(Elephant's Foot)
 Buy Dioscorea elephantipes Foliage(Elephant’s Foot)

Plant seeds at around 2.5 cm deep and water in once.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name – Dioscorea elephantipes
  • Common Name – Elephant’s Foot. Hottentot bread,
  • Family – Dioscorea
  • Origins – Southern Africa
  • Height – The vine will climb to around 1 metre in height.
  • Spread – The woody caudex will reach around 45 cm across over time
  • Growth rate – Slow.
  • Position – Full sun.
  • Soil – Free draining
  • Flowers – Small yellow to pink.
  • Flowering Time – Late summer
  • Foliage – Mid to deep green.
  • Frost tolerant – Yes
  • Drought tolerant – Yes

Coupled with, its name comes from the Latin word “tartaruga” meaning “turtle” and it makes reference to one of the characteristics for which this unusual succulent is most loved: its massive and imposing caudex

Further more, as it grows, it tends to form a thick bark, which splits creating deep polygonal shapes geometrically accurate, very similar to the carapace of a turtle. dioscorea elephantipes for sale

Also, it is a plant that, unusually, enters the vegetative period in winter, when thin branches emerge from the woody tuber falling into a wonderful cascade of heart-shaped leaves.


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