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commiphora kataf  rare shrubby succulent plant that can become a bonsai, if pruned regularly. It has an erect, branching grayish stem, covered with a white to yellowish papery outer bark, from which bright green ovoid leaves emerge.

More on Commiphora kataf

It is a genus that includes hundreds of species, all of which are shrubs, that in nature become imposing trees; therefore, they all have woody stems with light bark. Often papery in appearance which tend to flake off to leave space for the living green one below it

Additionally, many of the stems take on the appearance of a real caudex. Widening at the base to store water – this is one of the reasons why it is such a sought-after plant. Excellent as a bonsai.

Another reason why it’s highly appreciated is its scented resin that is extracted from the stems of Commiphora , widely used for cosmetics, as well as for the production of incense, first of all the famous myrrh.

Also,  beautiful, dry deciduous, small tree that forms a short, thick trunk with peeling, white bark and darker branches that form a even drooping crown. The small leaves normally have 3 to 5 leaflets. Commiphora kataf is widespread in eastern tropical Africa south to northern Tanzania. And to the southern Arabian Peninsula in Jemen and Saudi Arabia. It makes a great ornamental for the dry tropics and an excellent subject for bonsai cultivation.



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